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Lash Extensions

Maintaining your lashes is necessary to remove oils and debris to avoid fallout and prevent infections.

  • Avoid steam and water for the first 24 hrs so the adhesive can completely cure 

  • Wash lashes with R&R's oil free lash cleanser once a day! Rinse with water, then dry them with a small handheld dryer on the cool setting.

  • Do not use oil based eye products close to the base. If you wear makeup, it most likely contains oils and it may cause fall out.

  • Surrender the mascara and lash curler!

  • Do not use cotton balls or q-tips near your lashes.

  • Stay away from high heat & try not to sleep on your lashes.

  • Pick flowers. Not lashes.

To extend the life of your lashes, schedule fills every 2-3 weeks with more than 40% of extensions still intact.



Post Treatment Care

Day 1: The day of the service, do not get your brows wet. Keep them dry for the rest of the day. Soak up any plasma or blood with tissue paper or gauze.

Day 2-7: Wash your brows with water and any antibacterial or mild soap. Pat dry and apply a thin layer (rice grain amount) of Skin Candy ointment on both brows with your finger. Do this process twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

*Disclaimer: Wash your hands before following these aftercare steps.

For the next week or until healed, we ask that you don't participate in any activities that involve sweating, sun exposure for long periods of time, and swimming.

- Avoid exercise

- Avoid swimming

- Avoid any steam related activities

- Avoid makeup on or around the brow area

What is “Skin Candy”?

A specially formulated organic healing balm. Made with the best all-natural ingredients. Phi Academy produces this balm for semi permanent makeup procedures, such as microblading.


The Microblading Healing Process Day-By-Day

Day 1: Post Treatment its perfectly normal for your brows to be a bit thicker and extremely dark.

Days 2-5: You’ll notice scabbing and your brow area may be itchy (DO NOT scratch or pick).

Days 7-10: The scabs will start to flake and will peel on its own. When they do, it may be a little patchy as the top layer of pigment starts to disappear. They will be much lighter than expected but this will slowly correct itself as the skin heals.

Days 14-21: You can now continue your normal skincare and makeup routines. Your brows will likely skill look a little light, but they will get darker and more natural as they are almost fully healed.

Days 30-40: The end of the healing cycle! The color will look much better than before, but not perfect just yet. You might still see some patches, but these will be corrected.


Now its time for your 4-6 week touch up!

Touch ups are necessary to make final adjustments, because your skin will reject some of the pigment.

The healing process for touch ups should only last 5-7 days.

I cannot guarantee the final results after both sessions will be perfect as it varies person to person based on your skin type, technique chosen, lifestyle, how closely you follow the prescribed aftercare, etc. I do my best to provide quality and consistent work for optimal results but I am also very transparent in the expectations.

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