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DFW's Premier Lash & Microblading Studio

R&R Studio is an independently owned beauty studio, specializing in natural and long lasting beauty services.


Luxury Lash Extensions

At R&R you natural lash health is our #1 priority. We specialize in creating "damage free" lash services.

When it comes to the application of extensions, we use the safest products and lightweight extensions for your natural lashes.


The Classic Set

The Classic Set is as its namesake, a classic. It is the application of one extension per natural lash. Ideal for an everyday mascara look.


The Hybrid Set

The Hybrid Set is 50% single extensions and 50% volume fans, which gives a textured style by using different diameters of lashes. This set is more ideal for consistency compared to the classic look.


The Volume Set

This Set is the go-to for those who seek a denser lash line. The volume technique allows us to apply multiple, lightweight extensions in a handcrafted fan per natural lash.


The Mega Volume Set

The Mega Volume Set is made by using incredibly lightweight lashes to make a handcrafted fan. Similar to volume but with more oomph!

Lash Extensions

What It Includes:

-Custom lashes crafted according to your facial structure and eye shape

-Complimentary lash bath

-Complimentary lash extension aftercare kit included with a new client full set

-$5 lash cleanser refills (for refills, bring in R&R bottle).
-A complimentary touch up in case of an emergency within 3 days
-A complimentary removal within 3 days if you aren’t satisfied with the results
-A thorough guide on how to increase lash retention
-Lashes guaranteed to last longer than 2 weeks (if following proper aftercare guide).
-24/7 lash care support through text messages
-Comfortable and cozy lash naps
-Guaranteed compliments ;)

The Lash Lift & Tint

Perm Treatment

Lash lifts are a low-maintenance lash curling treatment that can last up to 6-8 weeks. In just one 60-minute appointment, you can enhance the natural curl of your lashes without the upkeep or cost of traditional extensions.

You will also receive a mini eyedropper with aftercare oils with each service




Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattoo where pigment is implanted into the skin with a hand-held tool in a series of thin lines to simulate natural hair strokes.


  • Creates Symmetry

  • Color corrects scars or past pigments

  • Water & sweat proof

  • Suitable for all skin Types

  • Perfect color & shape

  • Long lasting, quality results

  • Time saver


What It Includes:

-Symmetrical brow shapes crafted according to your natural brow bone and facial structure (no cookie cutter mapping).

-A complimentary consultation going over colors and thickness. 

-A complimentary moisturizer, necessary for proper healing

-A thorough aftercare and healing cycle list

-24/7 brow care support through text messages

-A thorough guide for brow health

-If there are any adjustments that need to be made we can do so for your 30 day appointment 

-Guaranteed to save money on makeup 

-30 day touch up included in the initial microblading cost.

-Guaranteed compliments ;)

About R&R Studio

R&R Studio was established in August of 2020 in Bedford, Texas.

Here at R&R Studio, we specialize in creating natural, customized services for Lash Extensions, Lash Lifts and Microblading. Every service is crafted thoroughly to your face and bone structure. What sets me apart from others is that this is not a beauty studio that uses cookie cutter styling for every client nor are we a jack-of-all-trades. I am a specialist in a few services who made the choice to focus on a couple of services and be the best at those. I also love to educate all of my clients on how to properly take care of their service, because we want long lasting results! I take pride in my work all while using the most advanced techniques, facial mapping, artistic point of view and the best top brands in the industry. 

Location & Hours 


Located in Bedford and Dallas, Texas.

Monday- 8:00-4:00

Tuesday- Closed

Wednesday- 8:00am-6:00

Thursday- 8:00-4:00

Friday- 8:00-4:00

Saturday- Closed

Sunday- 8:00-7:00

By Appointment Only

"I absolutely love my lashes. Elise tailored my lashes to fit my face. My lashes are very natural looking. People have stopped me in stores and asked if they were real. Lol. I highly recommend getting your lashes done by Elise"
"Elise put on my first set of lashes ever!! I was a little nervous about how they would look since i have never worn any type of lashes before, but WOW she exceeded my expectations! The environment she's created is so relaxing! I'm looking forward to my next visit! Call her! You'll be glad you did!"
"Elise is amazing and kind. This was my first time getting lashes done and she made sure everything was comfortable for me and that i liked the end result. She's very easy to work with and is very understanding! Thanks for the wonderful lashes!!"

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